International OOH

Mediakeys for Tiger beer


CONTEXT : To “make reunions count” during Chinese New Year, Tiger Beer wanted to help Singaporean families to reunite.  The ‘Reunion Project’ came live and the brand had the genuine idea to fly Singaporeans living oversea… home!

MEDIAKEYS SOLUTION : The agency designed and implemented an impactful activation campaign in front of the State Library of Melbourne. Mediakeys developed the Software content, managed the production of an interactive screen and managed the space customization. Mediakeys Singapore team coordinated on-site operations between the various Australian service providers, the Singaporean film crew and the Tiger Beer client who was also on the spot to make it a success.

COUNTRY : Australia

Check out the video of the event :





Mediakeys for Cartier -


Cartier entrusted Mediakeys to support their event “EXPERIENCE CACTUS DE CARTIER” to increase brand awareness and drive ”Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion” traffic.

In order to achieve these goals, Mediakeys designed and implemented an impactful OOH campaign on the Fifth Avenue in New-York.










Mediakeys for Roc Nation (record labels)


Roc Nation, one of the most prominent record labels in the world, launched a large-scale international OOH campaign to promote the launch of Jay-Z’s much anticipated new album, named 4:44. The campaign started with a teasing phase, with mysterious 4:44 ads appearing all around the world; on June 19th, a second creative started airing, finally releasing the details and launch date of the new album.

Mediakeys was charged with identifying key digital placements in London, Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Toronto and Tokyo and successfully planned and implemented that impressive campaign in the heart of all those markets!

The campaign attracted much attention and hundreds of web articles were published as soon as the album’s release date was announced, proving once again the power of OOH when it comes to generating buzz!

Paris La Defense new 1






Cromwell Road new 1


Mediakeys for COTY – Hugo Boss Perfume

hugo boss

The campaign objective is always the same for the Coty brands and for this metter Hugo Boss :
– Promote their products,
– Increase brand awareness,
– Drive traffic to their stores.

Mediakeys Media solution consisted in offering digital units directly in or as close as possible to the duty free area in Munich, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles and Istanbul Airports.



Mediakeys for Montblanc


In 2017, Mediakeys strengthened its partnership with Montblanc, who was looking to promote its eyewear collection to increase brand awareness and drive store traffic. In order to achieve these goals, Mediakeys designed and implemented an impactful OOH campaign on select street-level networks in Shanghai and Beijing.  






Mediakeys for Hainan Airlines

Capture d’écran 2017-03-21 à 10.45.03

Mediakeys helped Hainan Airlines to celebrate and augment the awareness of the new route launching from Chengdu / Chongqing to L.A.

The agency secured the most impactful media formats in airport and bus wraps along routes that plow around LAX.





LAX2501DG. Hainan Airlines. March 2017 (2)

LAX2502DG. Hainan Airlines. March 2017 (2)

Mediakeys for SAP

SAP 2016

SAP chose Mediakeys to handle their B2B communication efforts all around the world, advertising custom solutions centered around enterprise mobility, in-memory computing, advanced analytics, cloud-based systems and more.

As an airport specialist, we have been in charge of planning and buying SAP’s global airport campaigns since 2015, covering airports such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dubai, Bogota, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Moscow and São Paulo. Here are the images of the 2016 campaigns.


2016 SAP IMG_5855  2016 SAP_boarding executive panorama A_ROT2F1ADE0001_CDG 2F 2_0116  2016 SAP IMG_5696

Mediakeys for MailChimp

Mediakeys for MailChimp

Mediakeys launched an international outdoor campaign for the brand MailChimp.

The client’s sites were installed on the 9th of November in Barcelona, London and Paris (La Madeleine) and will be on air for a month.

Mediakeys for MailChimp

Mediakeys for MailChimp

Mediakeys for MailChimp


Mediakeys for G-STAR

Mediakeys for G-STAR

From the 5th of November to the 31st of October 2016, Australians were able to see the latest campaign that Mediakeys has launched for G-STAR. The brand’s advertisement were shown on buses and on the main city buildings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in order to deliver the message: « The real definition of RAW is what’s underneath ».

Mediakeys for G-STAR

Mediakeys for G-STAR

Mediakeys for Pinko


The Pinko campaign launched by Mediakeys has started on the 29th of August and will end on the 25th of September.

The brand’s objective is to be present on an iconic Londoner media, the black cab, during the Fashion Week to reinforce its trendy image.

Mediakeys for Pinko

Mediakeys for Pinko

Mediakeys for Pinko
Mediakeys for Pinko

Mediakeys for Pinko

Mediakeys for Forever 21


Mediakeys launched a « street marketing » campaign in London and in NY for the Forever 21 brand.

The London’ store wanted to promote its reopening in August and its basement was rearranged to become a shop where any element could be bought for less than £10. The agency used different innovative “street marketing” tools such as clean-graffitis, rail boards and tote bags given out to Londoners on the street.

In NYC, Forever21 opened a store in the brand new World Trade Center Mall. One week full of activities, with brand ambassadors giving away flyers & branded hand fans on the street! Mediakeys helped make the opening a real success.

Mediakeys for Forever 21

Mediakeys for Forever 21

Mediakeys for Forever 21

Mediakeys for Forever 21


BA 3

BA 0819 1


Mediakeys for the CIFF – 2016


China International Furniture Fair wanted to promote their upcoming events among attendees of other similar events in the US, which Mediakeys achieved through strategically located media formats in select airports in Nevada and North Carolina at various times in 2015 and 2016.


Mediakeys for TLC 2016


TCL wanted to promote their newest technology and product among tech enthusiasts attending a major event in Las Vegas.

Mediakeys secured a combination of airport and roadside units, trailing attendees throughout their journey to the fair, in January 2016




Mediakeys for Furla – 2016

Furla 3

Furla wanted to increase their brand awareness and drive traffic to their NYC flagship store.

Mediakeys secured a network of ubiquitous taxi tops, making repeated impressions on locals and tourists alike everywhere in New York City, in October 2015 and February 2016




Mediakeys for Roc Nation – 2016


Roc Nation wanted to make a splash and promote the much-anticipated launch of Rihanna’s new album, Anti.

Mediakeys chose one of the most impactful OOH options in London as well as a strategically located wall wrap in Toronto to make a strong impression on locals and tourists alike in February 2016.

Roc Nation_Mediakeys_Agency_London_OOH

Roc Nation_Mediakeys_Agency_Toronto_Wall_Wrapp

Mediakeys for YouthSpeak – 2016

YouSpeak 3

YouthSpeak, in partnership with the United Nations, wanted to launch an awareness campaign in Malaysia, encouraging young people to take actions to help change the world.

Mediakeys secured many media formats including a giant vertical screen in the city center and digital networks in busy commuter hubs, the Kuala Lumpur airport and trains in April 2016





Mediakeys for Cuba Tourism – 2016

Cuba tourisme 3

Cuba Tourism wanted to promote Cuba as an exotic, sunny vacation destination among locals in Poland and the Czech Republic ; Mediakeys designed an OOH media campaign focused on reaching commuters in Warsaw and Prague, covering subway stations and trains in April 2016

Cuba tourism prague_Praha_Mediakeys_OOH_affichage

Prague_Czech Republic_train_Cuba_tourism_Mediakeys

Cuba tourism prague_Praha_Mediakeys_OOH_affichage

Cuba tourism_Warsaw_Varsovie_Mediakeys_OOH_affichage

Cuba tourism_Warsaw_Varsovie_Mediakeys_OOH_affichage

Mediakeys for Luneng Real Estate – 2016

Luneng PIA 13_2

Lu Neng R/eal Estate launched a campaign in Seoul , Tabei, Bangkok and Phuket during the Chinese New Year. Their Aim was to target the Chinese-speaking tourists.

Mediakeys was chosen to secure key places such as airports and major billboards in all these big cities in order to reach efficiently the targeted population.








Mediakeys for Vanke real estate – 2016


Vanke real Estate launched a Chinese campaign in the US. Their aim was to target Chinese tourists.

To maximize the targeted audience, Mediakeys booked the big NASDAQ screen in the middle of TimesSquare, Broadway 43rd St. The campaign was shown with a good frequency: more than a minute per hour.



Mediakeys for Forever 21 – Since 2011

local media- Forever 21 - Mediakeys-China

Mediakeys guided Forever 21 through their store openings worlwide since 2011.

The agency designed the media strategy of Forever 21 in alignment with their communication goals.

Thanks to our unique knowledge of local markets, we identified the most important traffic flows in the vicinity to the Forever 21 stores.

We secured the most impactful media in every city and proposed when necessary 360°campaigns to match with local media habits. Mediakeys covered more than 40 shop openings so far; in Latin America, Asia, Europe. Here’s a focus on the asian campaigns.



F21_Forever_21_chine opening Chongqing store_Media_Campagne_Mediakeys_Agence

F21_Forever 21_Chine opening Chongqing_Media_Campagne_Mediakeys_Agence

F21_Forever_21_Chine Macau Store opening_Media_Campagne_Mediakeys_Agence

Mediakeys for Converse – Since 2009


Converse wanted to launch several products in order to increase their awareness and to position the brand as an original brand.

Since 2009 Mediakeys used several type of OOH to complete the objectives (classic OOH, tailor made networks, Tramway wrapping and a special below the line campaign).





Converse_OOH_tailor_Made_networks_billboards_Mediakeys_media_campaign Converse_OOH_tailor_Made_networks_billboards_Mediakeys_media_campaign

Mediakeys for Esprit – 2012

Esprit car

Esprit entrusted Mediakeys to create awareness and drain traffic to POS, also for 50th anniversary: set up a bang campaign to communicate about company’s history.

What’s better than OOH for an impactful campaign? Through Mediakeys strong worldwide hubs, the agency identifies the most relevant locations for Esprit to advertise and communicate to their target. Several types of OOH have been used, such as the big / event formats, the bus branding and the station domination to be present everywhere at any time to reach the target.


Esprit _back_wrap_bus_Mediakeys_agency_Oslo_OOH

Esprit _back_wrap_tourist_bus_Mediakeys_agency_France_OOH


Esprit _Wall_Wrap_Mediakeys_agency_London_OOH

Esprit _Finland_billboard_Mediakeys_agency_London_OOH


Mediakeys for Forever 21 – Since 2011

Spring collection- spring campaign-local media-360 campaign-bus

Mediakeys designed and implemented Forever 21’s first major countrywide brand awareness campaign in Mexico in Spring 2015.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the local Mexican markets, we identified the main traffic patterns around the Forever 21 stores and chose relevant media formats to reach the local population in each market, sometimes incorporating print publications and select websites into the mix for a 360° strategy.


F21-Forever 21_Back_bus_OOH_Mexico_Mediakeys_Media_Agency_Agence

F21-Forever 21_magazines_OOH_Mexico_Mediakeys_Media_Agency_Agence

F21-Forever 21_bus_wrapping_OOH_Mexico_Mediakeys_Media_Agency_Agence

F21-Forever 21_Billboard_OOH_Mexico_Mediakeys_Media_Agency_Agence

Mediakeys for Uniqlo – 2009 to 2012

OOH_big_banners_tailor made networks

Uniqlo entrusted Mediakeys to launch the brand – in line with its flagship store opening – at the very heart of Paris.

Mediakeys identified the most strategic and impactful OOH, digital and direct marketing supports in the Central Business District of each key city and booked big banners, buses covering, tailors made networks, digital panels. The agency also created a digital facebook game.










Mediakeys for Ralph Lauren – 2012


In spring 2012, Polo Ralph Lauren chose outdoor advertising for the first time in Europe with Denim & Supply. Due to the success of this campaign, they decided to renew the experience in the fall of 2012.

Mediakeys selected the network in order to create exclusive campaigns targeting the shopping areas and the AB1 population. Street furniture networks have been selected for their high standard formats and the best coverage that they allow in city centers. In Stockholm, the last days of the campaigns were dedicated to the launch of King Magazine and the opening of a new shop, which received Ralph Lauren’s New York team.





Amsterdam Ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren Londres 2

barcelona ralph lauren

Londres Ralph Lauren 3

Mediakeys for Coach

coach seoul 2015

The brief was to create a dominant position for Coach at Hong Kong Airport.

Mediakeys secured a package of numerous locations to create one of the most impactful campaigns ever installed at both departures and arrivals of Hong Kong airport & gave access to a unique inventory at Seoul Incheon airport.







Mediakeys for Swarovski


Mediakeys helped Swarovski to be visible at an unmissable event in Switzerland, and branding in USA and China.

In Switzerland the Swarovski campaigns were directly linked to the major Jewellery event, «Baselworld ». In USA and China, Mediakeys secured iconic media in New York with the phone Kiosks as well as highly renowned Revolution magazine in China.









Mediakeys for Canton Fair – Since 2015

canton fair

Canton Fair, the renowned China import and export fair, wishes to attract the manufacturers and buyers from all around the world to their fair that takes place in Guangzhou every year. The goal is to communicate on the fair to an audience of manufacturers (100% B to B target) in various sectors and within more than 30 markets.

Mediakeys identified the most relevant media to target the manufacturers and selected sites in the major airports as well as supporting media like print. Mediakeys has been supporting this client for the past 5 years with an international coordination directly in China.

canton fair

canton fair Italy milano

canton fair chile

canton fair new zealand, aukland

Canton fair rome

canton fair australie

Mediakeys for Samsung – Since 2007

landmark-OOH sites_Europe_airports_aéroports_airports roads

Mediakeys helped Samsung’s in house agency to create landmark OOH sites from scratch in key airports of 27 countries in Europe as well in other key locations needing the help of a OOH specialist.

The agency’s solution : a literal invasion of outstanding sites across the major European airports from 3D outdoor special builds to indoor structures such as the power poles, created from scratch by Mediakeys with the support of media owners and airport authorities. Mediakeys also involved private landlords on the airport roads.









Mediakeys for Dolce & Gabbana

airport locations_duty free_OOH_Hanging_banner

Mediakeys supports the famous Italian Brand to take position in key airport locations, worldwide.

The agency identifies best last minute opportunities wordwide and creates a relevant coverage in airports before duty free areas as well as the baggage claim for a last long lasting impression – wordwide (China, Russia, UAE, Spain, Italy, etc…).







Mediakeys for ICBC

ICBC frankfurt 2

ICBC organized a pitch to optimize their international airport media buying in 2012.

Mediakeys’ China team won this pitch and developed key OOH solutions all over the world with the support of Mediakeys network – including the development from scratch of the jet bridges in Frankfurt.

ICBC frankfurt_OOH_Airport_Mediakeys_Agency

ICBC frankfurt_OOH_Airport_Mediakeys_Agency

ICBC singapore_OOH_Airport_Mediakeys_Agency

ICBC Singapore_OOH_Airport_Mediakeys_Agency

ICBC paris_OOH_Airport_Mediakeys_Agency


WHAT WE DO_wordingSite_600x250

WHAT WE DO_wordingSite_600x250

OUR EXPERTISE : Local and International Advertising Campaign Deployment

Media planning : we help you plan effective out-of-the-box campaigns on a local level
Media buying : we put our local and global trade agreements at your service
Media Monitoring and Reporting : we monitor your campaigns everywhere in the world

Leading brands such as Air France, Dolce & Gabbana, Uniqlo, Samsung as well as major international communication groups (Havas, Publicis, and Omnicom among others) have chosen Mediakeys to fulfill their clients’s international advertising needs for over 20 years.
Established in 1993 in France, the agency is now a leading independent and international player in a global field that keeps expressing increasingly strategic local needs.

Mediakeys for Lions Club International


Lions Club International organized a pitch in order to identify the media agency that could best provide media planning and buying services in their key markets to support their 2016 global advertising campaign.

The Mediakeys HQ won this pitch by identifying key international airports and relevant terminals to reach the target and increase LCI’s brand awareness. In close collaboration with all of its subsidiaries, Mediakeys implemented key OOH solutions all around the world.


Mediakeys_HQ_Lions Club International_ 2016 - Amsterdam Airport

Mediakeys_HQ_Lions Club International_ 2016 - London Airport

Mediakeys_HQ_Lions Club International_ 2016 - Miami Airport






Mediakeys for Ernst & Young

Ernst young 1

Ernst & Young chose Mediakeys to support their agency of record and secure landmark units in key international airports, implementing several campaigns every year in mature and emerging markets.

First, Mediakeys rethought the negotiation process worldwide, optimizing rates on behalf of Ernst & Young; subsequently, we were put in charge of OOH planning and buying in key international airports, the best platform to reach EY’s core audience of business travelers.

Ernst young_OOH_Airport_Germany_Mediakeys_Agency

Ernst young_E&Y_OOH_Airport_Spain_Madrid_Mediakeys_Agency


OUR TEAM_wordingSite_600x250
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Mediakeys for Coty


Coty chose Mediakeys to secure key spectacular units and networks on a global level.

Mediakeys started by securing two key units in Seoul Incheon airport in 2014 as well as a network covering Malaga airport in Spain. In 2015, Mediakeys implemented key airport campaigns in Sydney and Melbourne.








Mediakeys for Emerson


Emerson’s former media agency had been booking Emerson’s airport media campaigns directly through media owners for years, hoping to have access to the best possible rates by avoiding middle men. First, Mediakeys managed to negotiate better rates on a global scale by redesigning the negotiation process with all the media owners; subsequently, Mediakeys was put in charge of OOH planning and buying in over 25 airports across 4 continents on behalf of Emerson, securing two major campaigns every year for the past 5 years.





Mediakeys for SAP

B2B communication_corporate_campaign_airport_OOH_London_Paris_Amsterdam_Frankfurt_Dubai_Bogota_Mexico City_Beijing_Shanghai_Hong Kong_Tokyo_Singapore_Moscow_ Sao Paulo

SAP chose Mediakeys to handle their B2B communication efforts all around the world, advertising custom solutions centered around enterprise mobility, in-memory computing, advanced analytics, cloud-based systems and more.

As an airport specialist, we have been in charge of planning and buying SAP’s global airport campaigns since 2015, covering airports such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dubai, Bogota, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Moscow and São Paulo.

SAP_B2B communication_Mediakeys_OOH


International OOH

INTERNATIONAL OOH_wordingSite_600x250

We have been international OOH media specialists for the past 20 years and have planned multi-local OOH campaigns as well as created brand new media units for a large roster of clients.

We have implemented brand awareness & image campaigns as well as promoted many store openings (event, street marketing, guerilla…) for our clients worldwide.

Mediakeys for Forever 21 – Since 2011

OOH_ airport_traffic flows

Mediakeys has been designing Forever 21’s media strategy in alignment with their global identity and communication goals since 2011.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of local markets, we identified the main traffic patterns leading to Forever 21 stores worldwide and implemented media campaigns reaching locals and tourists in the vicinity of these stores.



forever 21 sendai_Mediakeys_Airport_OOH_Media



Forever 21 - Getreidemarkt_Media_OOH_opening_Mediakeys