Mediakeys for Forever 21 – Since 2011

local media- Forever 21 - Mediakeys-China

Mediakeys guided Forever 21 through their store openings worlwide since 2011.

The agency designed the media strategy of Forever 21 in alignment with their communication goals.

Thanks to our unique knowledge of local markets, we identified the most important traffic flows in the vicinity to the Forever 21 stores.

We secured the most impactful media in every city and proposed when necessary 360°campaigns to match with local media habits. Mediakeys covered more than 40 shop openings so far; in Latin America, Asia, Europe. Here’s a focus on the asian campaigns.



F21_Forever_21_chine opening Chongqing store_Media_Campagne_Mediakeys_Agence

F21_Forever 21_Chine opening Chongqing_Media_Campagne_Mediakeys_Agence

F21_Forever_21_Chine Macau Store opening_Media_Campagne_Mediakeys_Agence