Commercials aired on radio and television have a role in every market around the globe. Broadcast media, reaches a wide audience and is an essential part of mass marketing in the modern media mix.

Broadcast ads, despite the advent of digital advertising, are proving to be increasingly effective as their delivery becomes digitalised and targeted more accurately. Studies show that TV boosts other media investments. Global figures are demonstrating TV’s resilience and strength as an advertising medium, and it remains a fantastic way to raise brand awareness, fast.

TV advertising drives people to online stores and information, which in turn becomes a sales driver. Media meshing is the norm now. A recent Nielsen report states 45 percent of TV watchers report they use a second screen “very often” or “always”, stating that we are actually using the second screen to augment our overall TV experience, not detract from it.

The study reports that 71% said they use their device to look up something related to the TV content, while 41% said they text, email or message someone about the content they are watching. 35% said they shop for a product or service being advertised and 28% write or read social media posts about the content they’re viewing.

Radio is a relatively uncluttered; meaning your message isn’t surrounded by many others, it allows you to speak directly to your consumers, in a human voice, with stories and anecdotes that resonate. It is truly mobile and travels with you, in the car, on your headphones, to your customers’ in their local language.

Our experience with broadcast covers everything from huge TV networks to small specialised local radio stations where you want your message to speak to your audience. Mediakeys have been partnering and negotiating with international broadcast media owners for many years to deliver comprehensive and competitive media plans for our clients across the globe.