Print advertising plays an important role in the media mix, offering a brand safe, premium environment. On an international stage every country has its nuances and many nationalities favour and trust print media, so it is in important consideration in your media planning.

Print advertising gives marketers full control, including, placement location, artwork characteristics and accurate targeting. Print publications whether they are newspapers, magazines or other printed materials, tend to serve specific geographic areas or specific consumer groups, sometimes both.

Newspapers, for example, often cater to specific cities and their surrounding areas. Magazines generally cater to audiences with specific interests, such as interior design, fashion or cooking and resonate with customers that already spend money on products related to that topic. Printed advertising in captive environments such as inflight magazines offer significant dwell time.

In addition, newspapers are a trusted source of news and information, many with truly loyal readerships. Readers who purchase newspapers and magazines actively and intentionally engage with the material on the page, including the advertisements. They don’t click or wander away from an advertisement.

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