Mediakeys is a pioneer of advertising and marketing technology. We are working to automate and
simplify the exchange of information for our global team and clients through proprietary platforms
that activate your campaigns. 

To date we have successfully developed tools such as Mediakeys Platform and GlobalAd.

Mediakeys Platform is our programmatic advertising platform. It allows our clients to plan, launch & optimize digital campaigns and includes easy to use online tools such as an ad builder, geo builder, trading desk and proprietary bidding platform. Specializing in digital advertising Dr Banner customers benefit from either managed service expertise or if they prefer, the speed and ease of a SAAS set up.

GlobalAd is our Global Database of International OOH & PRINT inventory offering our team quick
and efficient access to global media information, location and pricing. Enhancing our services on a
daily basis; GlobalAd provides customers with comprehensive media landscape knowledge,
recommendations, audience valuations and reporting at the touch of a button.

All our services are underpinned by our proprietary technology. Allowing you to qualify your
audience and optimise your campaigns.

Our team of 20 tech experts are here to serve your global advertising requirements, our CTO, Full
Stack Developer, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Product Owner, QA and colleagues are in
development mode, seeking more and continue to innovate to better serve our clients.